The battery installation is a critical component within a Battery Vent (BEV). To ensure optimal performance and safety, a high-quality battery vent system is essential. Our product offers a streamlined design and a simple installation process, while maintaining reliable functionality throughout its lifetime.

Protect the inside of the battery case against dirt/water

Relieve high volume flow at higher pressure (emergency only)

Relieve high volume flow at higher pressure (emergency only)

Filtration of particles during thermal runaway (emergency only)

IP68 & IP69k ingress protection

45l/h breathing function

Customer specific opening pressures can be achieved

Thermal event resistant particle filter stays in position after thermal event

Installation can be horizontal or vertical

Hybrid irreversible solution enables 100% testing prior to shipment

Can be assembled as the final part on the finished pack


Screwless assembly (“push&turn”)

75l/s high flow capacity

Small dimension paired with high flow possibility

Particle size >3mm filtered

BEV Coolant Cap

The best-fitting caps you can find
Electric drivetrains typically operate at lower temperatures and pressures compared to internal combustion engines (ICEs).
This enables the use of a more compact valve structure, as there is no need to accommodate high volumes of steam. Our BEV coolant caps are designed to meet these requirements, ensuring efficient operation and longevity.
Our strategy for future BEV coolant caps:

Better-fitting materials for the complete application e.g. >PP< where additives may not be needed

One O-Ring as standard could be sufficient

Connection to the interface may not have to be as “strong” – bayonet rather than full thread

Caps may be hidden and not freely accessible – marking could be reduced

Implementation of standard geometry for filler necks with reduced use of filling guns

Weight reduction (>50%)

Alternative materials

Simple, robust and functional design

Adjustable pressures

Simplified marking

Simplified assembly

Downsized caps

Single-stage overpressure is sufficient

Recommended interface:
Similar designs are already familiar and established in some OEM installations. It can be equipped with specific stop features (haptic feedback) and drainage channels above the small O-Ring.


Thermal management is crucial to the efficiency of battery-powered products. Ensuring optimal operating temperatures during use and charging is essential for peak performance. Our tubes do an excellent job in distributing the coolant fluid inside the battery pack.

Conventional blow moulded

Suction blow moulded

Extruded (smooth /corrugated)

All extrudable plastic grades can be processed

Design will be adapted to suit the customer environment


Quick connectors assembled

Tightness tests according to specification

Connectors that are already established on the market can be implemented / used

Immersion coolant cap

Keeps your fluid clean
Ensuring that dielectric coolant fluid is free of contaminants is crucial for optimal performance.
Standard coolant caps with pressure exchange functions may inadvertently allow humidity to enter the system, compromising the cooling efficiency and potentially leading to short circuits. Our specialised immersion coolant caps feature an additional PTFE membrane, which effectively blocks humidity while still allowing high air flow values. This ensures that the cooling fluid is protected and kept free of contaminants.

Specific working pressures

Ensures that coolant fluid remains contaminant-free

Can be adapted for custom designs

Ventilation Air Duct

Ducts that provide air ventilation of the vehicle’s cockpit belong to our product range.

Technology: standard blow-molding

Raw Material: HDPE

Integrated brackets

Specific dedicated machining station

Assembly of metallic clip or foams